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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee and Daemonos on August 2, 2018

It has been two years since we crawled into the depths of dread to interview the Daemons of Dutch metalband Daemonos. In the meantime, these game-loving metal-playing Daemon-heads have released a second album and will be organizing their first and very own Daemon Metal Festival! So it's about time to, once again, have a chat with these amazing creatures of the dark: Mike Vogels, Robin Ritzen, Tom Bronneberg and Rik Ritzen!

So, it's been a while. How are you guys doing?

Good, we're having a blast! The most exciting news is that Robin has graduated as a technical foreman. He's a big boy now!

Last year, you guys released your second album, Asger the Collector. Now, a little birdie told me you were inspired by a certain game while writing this album?

Mike: The Witcher series! Gerald collects the heads of all the mystic creatures he killed and our very own Asger is also a collector. We tried to mix real life elements with the story and the world of the Witcher. The village Graveborn is actually a combination of two Dutch cities Grevenbicht and Born. All kinds of evil creatures attack this village and Asger has come to restore the peace. The priests of the town are trying to conceal that they can't fight this evil on their own when Asger first returns to his home town. But the troubles continues and, even worse, people are starting to disappear. So the priests decide to ask Asger for his help.

Talking about your albums and games; dark and scary creatures are often depicted on the covers of your albums. What is the ultimate, most scary villain you've ever seen in a videogame?

Tom: The Lickers from Resident Evil 2!

Rik: Definitely the Flood in Halo Combat Evolved

Mike: The Necromorphs from Dead Space, especially the way they burst onto the stage!

Robin: The Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls

Tom: Oh, and let's not forget the Evil Queen at the end of The Castle of Illusion!

With your schedules being as busy as they are, I imagine it is hard to still find time to play a game. So, for each and every one of you; what is the last game you've played? (for more than five minutes and yes, games on your Smartphone totally count!)

Tom: Nioh on the PS4 and Heroes of Dragon Age on my smartphone which, incidentally, I've been playing for five years already!

Rik: Asetto Corsa on the Xbox One

Mike: Rainbow Six Siege on PC

Robin: Project Cars 2 on the Xbox One

I guess it's hard to find some spare time, when organizing your own metal festival. Why do that?

Tom: Mostly to make a name for ourselves and to let as many people as possible know that we are here. Also, we hope it opens opportunities for other festivals.

Mike: Plus, we want to breathe life back into metal in the region!

Why should every one buy their ticket to your festival right now and what can visitors expect?

Mike: Why not?

Tom: Exactly, there are 100 tickets in presale, to celebrate our first year. And, of course, we have a kick ass line up for visitors to enjoy!

Tara Lowen is your own personal blacksmith, she takes care of the Daemonos stage gear. I presume she takes care of your clothing, or better said costumes. How did you come up with the theme/the style of your costumes and facial paint?

Rik: Rick: Yeah, we played a gig with a band called Carach Angren, and that's where we met Tara. She designs clothes and we already had the idea of having stage outfits, so that worked out very well. She comes to every gig now (thanks Tara) She's awesome because she's always available for last minutes requests and repairs.

Mike: We came up with some ideas and she turned these plans into something awesome!

Tom: The clothing is great and we thought the facial paint just completed the picture. It's just to bring the demons to life!

Mike: We also like to change the facial paints with every album. That way we create a whole setting around an album, which really helps to get into the style of things and brings the story to life so much more.

Now, I know that you guys are actually really loveable, but on stage you look like a bunch of evil, hard-ass characters. Is this something you planned, or did this just evolve naturally?

Mike: It just happened in the beginning, we thought it was cool and we still do, but now we think things over just a little better before diving in head-first.

Robin: Our on-stage personas grow as we progress in our shows and music. It's part of what we do. It's about bringing the whole experience to the stage, as opposed to just playing our music.

And, on the subject of playing a role different from your own; If you could spend one day in any game world, which one would it be?

Robin: Assassin's Creed 2 as Ezio, because of all the stuff you can do! I would love to perform the leap of faith.

Mike: Rainbow Six: Siege or Metro: Last Light! Siege because you play in a team and complete cool missions. Metro because of the setting and the dangers that lurk around every corner.

Rik: Definitely Skyrim! Mainly because I really like the Norse mythology. (Tom: Because he likes to chop wood, build boats and hunts rabbits)

Tom: Dark Souls 1, after the boss fight of O&S in the room with the princess. Praise the sun!

You're a bunch of very busy Daemons, can you already make a living out of your Daemons activities? Is that the dream?

Tom: To be realistic, there are not that many metalbands who can make a living out of their activities.

Rik: It's a very awesome hobby at the moment.

Mike: Well, it's definitely my dream, so I hope it will happen one day. But for now, were just doing our best and having a lot of fun while doing it!

Let's take a look at the future, shall we? What does it hold for Daemonos?

Mike: Bankruptcy, haha!

Tom: We're trying to play at as many shows at possible. We're hoping to play as the support act of the band Suffocation in the near future.

Robin: It would be awesome if our festival grows to be a great success!

Mike: And I really want to continue making great music.

Last question: If you could "butter a game character's biscuit" or have a beer with said game character, which character would it be?

Tom: I'd want to have a beer with Sun Bro Solaire

Robin: I'd like to have a beer with Mike during GTA online

Mike: I'll go for the biscuit with IQ, the operator of Siege

Rik: A beer with Master Chief would be awesome!

We would like to thank the guys from Daemonos for taking the time to answer our questions, despite their hauntingly busy schedule. If you would like to know more about Daemonos, their music or their planned gigs (which you definitely should!), please check their Facebook page or their official website.

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