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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on October 23, 2018

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; Spiel Essen is nearly upon us! In the meantime, we will keep you informed about the adventures of our very own board gaming specialist: Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee as he prepares for this feast!

On this crazy Road to Spiel, we've already travelled past Spellenfestival, Quined Games and Keep Exploring Games, Gamebrewer and Ankama Boardgames as well as Inside Up Games and Barpig. And of course, we couldn't complete our journey without making a stop at the Black Box Adventures headquarters. At the end of this special I also want to share with you what Grumpy Owl Games is taking with them on their visit to Spiel 2018.

These Bearded men from the south of the Netherlands are never too shy to dress up and build a booth completely in the theme of their new releases. You may know them from their first game Revenge of the Dictators, when they were dressed up like generals on Holiday, or from Frutti di Mare where they were walking around dressed like Italian Cooks with a fish tank full of all sorts of delectable seafood. So, for this year's Spiel it just so happens that I have some information about what they have planned and I am already excited to visit their booth. Did I say booth? I mean booths!!!!

Yes, you read it correctly; Black Box Adventures is going to exploit not one but two booths at this year's Spiel and one will be completely dedicated to their new game, fresh from another successful Kickstarter campaign, Itchy Monkey. When you are not familiar with the game, DumeeGamer's own Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams made a hilarious pre-Kickstarter preview about this really cool game.

When you find yourself at the Black Box Adventures booth, you better also try one of their demos they are displaying. First and foremost, my most anticipated demo of Spiel: Adventures in Neverland. It is a board game designed by the lovely Vicky Swers based on J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. I've been following this game ever since I met Vicky about a year ago and she told me of her intentions for the idea she had about a game called Adventures in Neverland. It is going to be a truly adventurous storytelling game in which you, as the player, take the role of Peter Pan, Captain Hook or one of the other famous characters from the story. The game is going to be filled with loads of adventures and side quest on a double-sided board, reimagining Neverland every time you play the game.

The other demo Black Box Adventures will be showing is a game called Climate Oasis. This is going to be a resource management and tile placing board game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players must survive the environmental dangers and build their Climate Oasis, while being hunted by an evil conglomerate called the Corporation. I really look forward to trying this game for myself, since I have only have seen some artwork of the game up until now.

You can find the beautiful bearded bad-asses of Black Box Adventures and their board games at Booth 5-A121 and the Itchy Monkey booth 5-D113. But, then again, there's a good chance that Black Box Adventures will manage to get your attention anyway!

Speaking of demos; before I am going to sing off and wish you all a great time at Spiel 2018, I would like to show you some amazing artwork of another demo that can be found there; Untamed by Grumpy Owl Games. This is a brand new, up and coming Dutch game studio that I'll surely keep my eye on. They are making the trip to Spiel, bringing with them a prototype of their first board game; Untamed: Feral Factions. And, as luck would have it, they have every intention of thoroughly showing it to the world!

In a nutshell, Untamed: Feral Factions deck-drafting card battle game for two players, in which you build a deck by picking three animal factions. With your newly formed deck you start battling each other's strongholds and minions. For me, the two player mechanic and sort of deck-building made simple, really do the trick and are the main two reasons why Untamed got my attention. Oh no wait, It was the really crazy beautiful artwork that got my attention! Or was it something else.?

Either way, Untamed got me hooked which led me to believe that this game deserves some of our web space. I am going to try the game out at Spiel for myself and I have high hopes for it! The Kickstarter for Untamed is planned for early next year and they are going to publish a digital version of the game as well, so that's double the fun, isn't it?!

Make sure you visit Grumpy Owl Games at Spiel. They are stationed at booth 6-A114. And hey, maybe I'll see you there, so we can decide once and for all who is the best animal warrior in the world!

Well, dear readers, this concludes our road to Spiel 2018. It has been one crazy ride and we saw a lot of cool games and met awesome people. The only thing left for me to do now is to wish you all an awesome and exciting time at Spiel 2018. Please don't forget to enjoy yourselves and, while you're at it, visit some of the really cool developers I met on my journey. I will be running around at Spiel 2018 on Thursday and Friday with a big ass camera. So, when you see me, please don't hesitate to come up and say hi. If you're visiting on Sunday, why not come to the shared booth 5-A121, where I will be demoing for Keep Exploring Games. So, guys and girls and everything in between; This is Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee, saying: "Have fun and maybe we will meet at Spiel!!!"

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