By Lex "Gaz the Dungeonmaster" Ansems on March 30, 2015 is a MOBA game, set in post-apocalyptic Sweden, that feels and plays like a game of tower defense. A few of us, here at DumeeGamer had a chance to test and play the game. So what exactly is and what did we think of it? We were kind of hoping you'd ask us that. Just keep on reading and you are bound to find the answers to both questions...

The basic premise of the game is simple: A huge missile silo is launching rockets at innocent villages. These villages, in turn, send their soldiers and champions to destroy the missile silo. Seeing as how a missile silo simply cannot fire itself, there are people bound to be intent on keeping the bloody thing in one piece. This is where you come in; as a gladiator, it is your task to defend this humongous structure. "How would one go about achieving that goal?", you may ask. Well, by simply killing everything that enters the arena, of course! And, TV being what it is these days, the whole thing is made into a TV show. So there is a crowd cheering you on and announcer who reports every move the players make while tearing the opposition to shreds.

The soldiers and champions arrive at the silo in waves and you have to kill them MOBA style. Killing opponents grants you money, with which you buy items that lets you kill things faster. So more kills equal more money, equals easier killing, equals more kills, equals more money... Do you see where I'm going with this?

Besides the sheer amount of carnage, has a kind of unique selling point and that is its boss-fights. Now don't get your knickers in a twist, we are very much aware of the fact that there are actually other games out there that feature boss battles. In this particular game, every couple of rounds, a huge boss monster appears. This is also standard practice in more than one game, but here it takes ALL of you to kill it. There are a few things you might want to remember: Firstly, you can't take on a boss with a level higher than your own. And secondly, every champion and boss monster has a couple of unique attacks which you can (and if you want to survive MUST) dodge. This last mechanic also serves as a great way to make people pay attention to their surroundings, instead of just staying in one spot and hammering their attack button like a crazed Death Metal drummer (as if there were any other kind...).

So there you have it, that's the story and concept of Now let's see what some of our crewmembers make of it:

Gaz the Dungeonmaster
I think this game is awesome! It has a great feel to it and the art style is a cross between games like Borderlands and Silent Hill. It offers a great alternative for someone who doesn't like the PvP aspect in regular MOBA games. The game gets really challenging when there are multiple waves pushing through and the boss is out of its cage.

Although it is a great game, I had a few issues with it:
- Whenever you are in the lobby you can't access any of the other menus, like the options screen or checking the path to glory.
- My second issue has more to do with luxury than necessity; the absence of in-game voice chat. Although the standard ping and chat system is good for basic play. it would be nice to have a voice chat.

I highly recommend playing Just be sure to play it together with friends or other people because alone, you can NEVER hold back the oncoming tide of enemies. Gaz the Dungeonmaster heartily approves of this game.

The gameplay is a bit hard for a rookie even after you play the tutorial first. But you will soon learn it and have a lot of fun playing. The controls are really easy, but if you don't like them they are customizable. You will need quite a good PC to deal with all the explosions and blood flying around. Your moms laptop probably won't do the job..
Conclusion is an awesome game and I would definitely recommend it.

Magic Mike
This is a great game! Iím a big fan of League of Legends, which is very similar to this game. The controls are smooth and work just like youíd expect. The art style reminded me of Borderlands, but thatís okay, because I like the style. The classes are cool. I didnít try them all yet, but the mere fact that I want to try them all, is a good indication of how good I think they should be. If youíre used to League of Legends, then this will not be a difficult game to play. If youíre a noob (sorry, Diana) then it might take some time to figure out what exactly youíre supposed to be doing. But this game is definitely worth your time!

Well, what a surprise! I donít play much multiplayer or tower defense games, but after playing a few rounds of, I think I should try multiplayer games a bit more often! I had so much fun, especially when playing this game with your friends. At first, after completing the tutorial, I didnít quite get the point of the game and what was supposed to be doing (I have never played League of Legends like Magic Mike), but when you team up with some friends that do have the necessary experience in this particular type of game, things ultimately start to make sense. I like the art style of the game and the characters are great. So yeah, I think Iím going to play this game a lot more often!

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Fatshark Games & Toadman Interactive
March 30, 2015