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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 25, 2018

Doesn't it make you feel all fuzzy inside when you think back at your childhood? Being the lead character in your own fantasy stories, playing with your toys and of course building pillow forts to fight off monsters! Well, that last one was more than enough inspiration for the people at We are Fuzzy to create the game Sleep Tight.

Sleep tight is a twin stick shooter with base building elements, so you'll need to come up with a strategy and think ahead, as well as on your feet. Now, usually, in this type of games you'll be confronted with armies of very scary monsters, or even war vehicles as you try and survive on a bloody battlefield. Sleep Tight takes a somewhat different approach and sets itself up for being a truly one of a kind of game; at least that is what I suspect when seeing the title screen and listening to the soundtrack.

Your battlefield, while still being really dangerous at times, is actually a child's bedroom. Now, we all know (mostly from experience.) that the night is the scariest time for children, because you never know what is lurking in the shadows, hiding in the closet or even under your bed. And, of course, there is always the fear that these monsters will attack you at some point which, in Sleep Tight, is the whole idea of the game! But have no fear, there are plenty of items with which you can defend yourself and make it safely through the night. When you are able to survive the night and defeat all the monsters, you will earn suns and stars. When the last monster is vanquished, the night is over and the game shifts into day time. Here, you can spend your hard-earned suns and stars to buy items, weapons, skills and build walls and turrets. When you have spent all your suns, the night will start again. And while stars can be saved for the next round, you will need to spend all the suns in one day round.

Everything about Sleep Tight fits the childhood and children's bedroom theme, because your weapons are toys, like dart guns and spitfire guns and the defense walls are actually pillows and lamps. On to the threats you will have to vanquish: the monsters! These terrors of the night look like typical monsters children would drawn when you ask them to draw a monster. They have that Monsters Inc feel, but don't let their looks deceive you; don't let them get too close and show them what a child hero is made of! Because the monsters are not that scary, you might need to build pillow forts in the game, but not in your own room. At least I didn't.

Sleep Tight makes the base building principle easy to understand, which comes in really handy if you're just starting out in the tower defense genre. But don't get me wrong, it is definitely a challenging game. The beginning of the game might start off pretty easy, so you have some time to get used to the controls and the gameplay basics. But somewhere between five and ten nights, things will become increasingly more difficult at a steady pace. Make sure you spend your suns and stars wisely. Walls, weapons and turrets are very important to defend yourself, but don't forget your health and ammo.

There are twelve characters in total for you to unlock. At the start of the game, only the basic character is available. Every character has its own requirements to unlock. Sometimes it's just a matter of surviving a certain amount of nights and in other cases it might be something like the amount of defeated enemies in total or buying specific items. During the day rounds of your game you can enter the shop where you can find skills, weapons, power ups and objects of a more defensive nature. Like the character roster, the shop also contains a number of items which need to be unlocked. Although, in this case, unlocking these items is simply a matter of deciding how to spend your suns and stars.

When you eventually fall a victim to the insidious monsters that invade your bedroom, you can check the leader board to find out how you did. At the end of my first play through I ended with 13 survived nights. That's not so bad, right? I was actually getting some confidence here and every next round I learned how I could improve my strategy and survive even longer. At this moment my top score is 23 nights, but the number one on the list managed to survive for 38 nights (I humbly bow to you). Your character also get ranked and when you choose the same character for another round, you can improve its rank! If you're able to do better than the previous round with that character, that is.

I had a blast playing Sleep Tight! It's one of those games which surprises you with great graphics and smooth controls and it is really, really fun to play! And let's be honest; if your weapon is a dart gun and you get the chance to build pillow forts in order to defend yourself, you already know it's going to be an excellent game!

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July 26, 2018