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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on October 13, 2016

Sure, we all like the occasional board game. But we all know what is missing from those... explosions!!

That’s probably the same thing the guys from Dutch developer Wee Free Studio (can I get a heartfelt ‘Crivens’ please?) must have been thinking about five years ago. This was the exact moment in time that they started to spend their nights working on Powargrid, a turn-based strategy game that was recently released on steam. And now, five years later, this independent Dutch based studio has managed to create something thoroughly unique: a game that requires a lot of strategizing as if you were in a game of chess… but with lots of explosions!

Right from the start, Powargrid takes the humorous approach to things. For instance, try reading this next bit of text from the Wee Free studio website without at least chuckling: 'In the story driven campaign, you will take on rival factions as a recruit in the Blue Blobbie army. Get shouted at by your lovable Commander Grak, face down Hero Archeologist Ford of the Red Blobbies, take on the mad green Zealot Zomg, and thwart the schemes of Chairman Swap of the Grand Yellow Blobbie Corporation. And rumors say that's not all...' That's comedy gold, right there! What do you mean, it's not that funny? If you really think so, then it is my sad duty to inform you that you have probably been dead for several years now. It's just that nobody told you yet! Point being, Powargrid is funny... and a very good game!

As the name implies, the core gameplay of Powargrid has you building op a network of power lines, complete with power stations, substations, attack towers and... SUPERWEAPONS! All this is built with one single purpose: the total annihilation of your enemy.

You start out with a couple of power stations which generate the "funds" required to expand your network. You will have to build power lines to advance towards your enemy to try to cut them off whenever possible. When closing in on your opponent, it is very important to build some weaponry to be able to destroy their power lines and structures. However, the greater the distance from your last power station or substation, the more expensive your cables and structures become. This effectively means that you’ll have to think about what you want to build and what you have to build in order to keep the upper hand in this high-voltage situation. And never forget to keep an eye on your own bases, because they are susceptible to enemy attack. It's all about finding the perfect balance between offense and defense!

The game not only consists of a single player campaign but also a skirmish mode and an online multiplayer game mode. The campaign lets you get acquainted with the gameplay in a humorous and ever so much increasingly challenging way, while the skirmish mode is a quick way to set up a 1v1 local multiplayer game. And of course, you can always take your gathered knowledge and take on players from around the world to see who is best at strategizing, building and consequently destroying his or her opponent.

So, if you are in for a game that is a lot of fun, and you have got a thing for strategizing, building and, most importantly, Explosions... we hope to see you on the battlefield very soon!

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Wee Free Studio
October 5, 2016