It's time to do some old-fashioned spelunking and digging for buried treasure. Sorry, what was that? Dangerous?! Hell no! It isn't dangerous at all... Just as long as you remember to keep an eye out for hidden deathtraps, twisting maze-like tunnels and, oh yes, the occasional wandering monster! Well, okay... admittedly, there might be some danger involved after all!

Yes, my fellow treasure hunters; it is time to load up our gear and descend into the dark pits and weathered halls of La-Mulana. And, for the very first time, both games are coupled together in one awesome platforming package for current gen consoles. How about that?!



  • Biped

    Two little bipedal robots, Aku and Sila, will walk side by side and embark on a fun and bonding journey. Biped is a brain-twisting puzzle platformer designed to bond players in moment-to-moment collaboration. While playable solo, Biped's unique control scheme and intricate puzzles make it a perfect couch co-op experience for all ages. Get ready to work together and guide your new robotic friends through a colorful world!

    Action / Adventure
    NExT Studios & Meta Publishing
    April 8, 2020

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake

    The world has fallen under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a shadowy corporation controlling the planet's very life force as mako energy. In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite Soldier unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the consequences that await him.

    Square Enix
    April 10, 2020

  • Obduction

    Obduction is an all-new, real-time, first-person adventure that harkens back to the spirit of Cyan's earlier games Myst and Riven. Obduction resurrects that incredible feeling of suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a new world to explore, discover, solve, and become part of, filled with stunning landscapes, deep storyline, engaging characters, dramatic soundscapes, and challenging yet intuitive puzzles.

    Cyan Inc.
    Xbox One
    April 10, 2020


  • Keep Calm and Play Board Games An invisible enemy is sweeping across the world in these uncertain times and the only thing we can do is stay the F at home. Well, what to do with all that time which, of course, you want to spend wisely. What to do when you are busy with NOT going to work, NOT spending quality time with your friends, and definitely NOT going to a bar for a nice, cold, refreshing drink?

  • Wet Well, ladies and gentlemen; the Coronavirus has managed to even ground Dennis and me. Imagine that... grounding US! Apparently, our Big Red HQ is a major health risk, so the man (yes, them!) chained up our Big Red Timemachine and secured said chain with the biggest motherlovin' padlock you've ever seen. It's like they ripped it of the chastity belt of a female giant... and a particularly large one at that! I wonder how they went about performing that feat?

  • Minecraft Good day, readers and fellow travelers of time space! As Sadhonker told you last week, I got severely injured due to his incapability to leave things of the past where they belong... which means actually in the past! But that's all in the past, so let's leave it there, shall we? Sadhonker? Did you get that...? Good! Let's move on!

  • Army of Two: The 40th Day Hello again, dear readers and welcome, yet again, to the Big Red Timemachine. Today, instead of my colleague Dennis "CallMeBackDraft" Aspers, it is I, your pal Sadhonker, who will take you on a trip to rediscover some of the best games of the past. As some of you may remember, things didn't end so well last time...

  • Spelfabriek 2020 On a windy Sunday, halfway through February, my most fearless opponent (our three-year-old son Jayson) and myself went on an excursion of one of Belgium's old coalmines. Now, we didn't go and explore the since a long time abandoned old mine itself; oh no, my dear ladies and gentlefriends, that wouldn't be interesting enough for this AWESOME gaming website. In one of the refurbished installation buildings, there was a small board game get together, organized by the good people of Meeple VZW.

  • Happy Fun Time
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, assorted human beings and other life-forms! You have made it to our Big Red HQ once again, which means our rigorous safety measures have approved your being here. Lucky you!

  • Blair Witch (Physical edition) For last year's Gamescom I contacted Bloober Team about the possibility of being present at the press presentation and demo session of the Blair Witch with the following words: 'We heard about your upcoming game Blair Witch and although I'm already scared to death, I would love to play this game!' And yes, as some of you may know, I got invited! How could you know, you ask? Well, because we told you about it in our Gamescom 2019 Report.

  • Carmageddon Welcome to a new year and, incidentally, a new decade dear fellow time adventurers. And what a new year it is promising to become. No, I'm not talking about all the stuff in the boring real world; I am talking about the world of gaming...

  • Commandos 2 HD Remaster I remember being a strapping young lad of eighteen years old when a game fought its way onto my computer. The name of the game was Commandos and it drew me into a world of tactics, sabotage and fighting against seemingly overwhelming enemy numbers. To do so, I was being put in control of a number of hard-boiled soldiers who obeyed my every command, for better or for worse...