Heroes of the Storm is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Everyone gets to choose between his or her all time Blizzard favorite characters of games like: Diablo, World of Warcraft or Starcraft and join this battle.

When three powerful warriors are sucked into the Nexus, it all goes wrong. They land in a strange environment full of clashing universes. Well, youíre not much of a hero if you donít help the ones in need. This mostly means battling for glory, staying alive (no, luckily not the BeeGees song!) and having lots of fun.

In this free-to-play online game, every player gets his own statue to defend. So your objective is to defend yours and destroy the statues of others. Youíre never on your own during a multiplayer, so youíll operate in a 5 versus 5 system. Use your team, a tactical approach and the environment (yes, there are turrets!) to defend your sanctuary and defeat the other team.

Every map has its own optional map objective. If you work together as a team you may complete this objective and give your team a real benefit. In this alpha stage there are three maps available with an objective. So yes, there is still work to be done in this game. But come on, itís a Blizzard game, you know darn well itís going to be epic when itís finished.

The heroes which you can select are well-known characters of a number of Blizzard games, such as Kerrigan, Raynor, Arthas, Illidian, Tyreal and Diablo. Some are less well known like Lili, Brightwing and Zagara. Less well known does not, by any means, make them less interesting to play. So, the choice is yours, choose your all time favorite from 20 years of epic Blizzard characters.

This game is in its alpha stage, but itís already shaping to be pretty awesome. Even at this early stage, the game looks absolutely amazing to me. Personally, I feel like this is a completely different way of playing a MOBA game. This might very well be the reason why Blizzard refers to it as Hero Brawler. It goes further and has a broader play style. The team based capture the flag system is a challenge in itself. You will have to coordinate you own actions with those of four other equally awesome characters. This calls for a bit more elegance than just running up to an enemy and hacking the sh*t out of them , however much fun that might be. Try to contain yourself and work together as a team!

Playing through the Alpha stage of Heroes of the Storm was really cool. Lots of people are big fans of the Blizzard games, so the possibility to play with all characters of different games must be like music to their ears. Of course we at DumeeGamer.com cannot speak for you (or anyone else, for that matterÖ), but we, for one, are already very excited and can hardly wait till the launch of the full game.

Heroes of the Storm
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