Monday April 9 2018 was a very exciting day, because I was lucky enough to be invited to the press presentation of Quantic Dream's upcoming game Detroit: Become Human. I'm so looking forward to this game, because I love a good story, especially when it involves a lot of decision making. During this presentation a development trailer was shown, I was able to interview Adam Williams, Lead Writer of the game and spend two hours playing Detroit: Become Human! See? I told you it was an exciting day!

While waiting for the presentation to start there was music playing and I immediately thought: "If this is part of the soundtrack, this game is going to be amazing." It's funny how only the soundtrack can give you that idea. Adam Williams entered the stage and he told us about a couple of Detroit: Become Human's most excellent features.



  • Forgotton Anne

    Forgotton Anne is a beautiful story-driven, hand-crafted 2D cinematic adventure about the Forgotton Realm, where all mislaid items from the human world - old toys, letters, single socks - end up. With the help of the Forgotlings - creatures composed of these mislaid objects - Anne and Master Bonku, the only humans trapped in this realm, are on a quest to find their way home...

    Puzzle / Platform
    ThroughLine Games & Square Enix Collective
    PC / PS4 / Xbox One
    May 15, 2018

  • Hitman Definitive Edition

    Hitman is back... in style! The Hitman: Definitive Edition will feature new in-game disguises for Agent 47 inspired by classic IO Interactive titles - Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninjas - celebrating the Danish studio's 20th anniversary, in addition to all previously released content and game updates from the first season of Hitman. So get ready to get stealthy!

    Action / Stealth
    IO Interactive & Warner Bros.
    PS4 / Xbox One
    May 15, 2018

  • Welcome to Hanwell

    Hanwell, once a safe haven from the horrors of the world, now a cesspit of anomalous scum. Explore a vast open world of terror, every building a unique location with it's own story to tell. There is something deeply unsettling about Hanwell. Unexplained noises, something moving in the corner of your eye... are you brave enough to face what is out there? or will you run...?

    Horror / Survival
    Nathan Seedhouse
    May 15, 2018


  • Juicy Realm Fruits are good for you, right? Well, to be honest, my opinion on fruits has drastically changed over the last few days. I think they're tough, smart and a bit dangerous from time to time. Wondering why I feel this way? Just keep reading and you will find out.

  • Etherborn (Demo) A gravity-shifting puzzle game; now that's a genre you don't hear about every day, right? So, you can imagine that I was curious to see how this works out. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Etherborn!

  • Blast Chamber Today we are taking a trip to 1996, the year in which Motorola released the first ever clamshell phone, Betty Rubble debuted as a Flintstone-themed vitamin supplement and the year in which, most notably, Activision published a game from the Attention to Detail team called Blast Chamber! So, strap yourselves in, because it is going to be a wild ride...

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a fun game about going to Hogwarts, which is exactly what we always wanted. At least I did, but my letter never came because the files of Muggle-borns being destroyed for the period in which I was born. So yeah, I am still waiting my letter, or the first opportunity I get to apply for a teaching job there!

  • Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 What do you mean "don't get your panties in a twist, old man"?! I'm not that old! And who told you about the panties?! It happened once, okay. I just had a bit too much to drink when... you know what, it doesn't matter! And do you know why it doesn't matter? Well, that's because you, mister, are FIRED! Yes, fired! Let go, no longer needed, in search of a new challenge... FIRED!!! Now get out of here, before I break my promise to Dennis, get my shotgun from my office and give you your two week's notice in lead!

  • Ash of Gods: Redemption The last time I told you about Ash of Gods: Redemption, I was playing the Early Access version of the game, in which I could (only) play 90 minutes of the game. March 23, 2018 marked the full game's release, so it's about time our story continued, wouldn't you agree? Time to have another look!

  • Maelstrom (Early Access) Ahoy, mateys! Shiver me timbers! Captain Dumeegamer has boarded th' deck 'n is ready fer some pirate action. Wha' a coincidence that th' great scallywags o' Gunpowder games 'ave got some pirate bootie prepared fer us. So let's get ready fer grand seabattles 'n play Maelstrom!

  • Crimibox: Case 2 Our regular readers knew this review was coming, because of my (Dutch) unboxing video of the second Crimibox case, sometime last month. So, naturally, it's time for another round of crime solving. Gather all your detective buddies, because it's time for the second case of Crimibox!

  • The Sims Mobile We all know the Sims from when we played the games on PC or, later on, on our beloved console. As a teenager, I played the Sims on my pc and created my own world. Just like I did with my Barbies when I was a child. I simply loved building the most beautiful house, having an amazing career and being popular like you never been in high school. But most of all getting married to the love of your life...

  • Golden Axe Aaah, I love the smell of the shifting space-time continuum in the morning! Come to think of it, I also like it in the afternoon. Can't abide it at night, however. Makes me slightly nauseous, like smoked sausage. Oh well, that's just how these things go, isn't it? Welcome, dear readers, to another thrilling episode of the Big Red Timemachine!