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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on September 26, 2018

For the third year in a row, SpellenFestival took place on a very sunny Sunday in late September. DumeeGamer's own Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee and his better half, Diana "Sparkly Unicorn" Dumee-Wolters, drove all the way to the Belgian city of Genk, with the intent to play cool board games, meet old friends and even make some new ones.

Now, in this succinct overview of our stay at Spellenfestival, we will not go into all kinds of details. During the coming weeks, we will be showcasing a number of developers of the games we played, showing you their own journey to Spiel 2018.

** Please note that all the links in this event report link to websites that are exclusively in Dutch, except where indicated. **

The hall layout was great; there were two Friendly Local Game Shops, Spelhuis (website in Dutch, English and French) and Oberonn, who were selling their games, each covering one opposite side of the hall. In between the two, the hall was filled up with tables and board games. The Belgian Werewolves of Millers Hollow association, Limburgse Wolven arranged a few good games of Werewolves with a Little Red Riding Hood and Level21 built a small example of an escape room. 999 Games had an enormous game of Leo with them and enough other games to completely fill their tables. Unfortunately, there are always too many games and too little time to play them all! Nevertheless, we played a few good games and had a good look at some others.

Our bearded friends from Black Box Adventures (website in English) where also at Spellenfestival. Seeing them again is always fun and they always have awesome games to showcase. I was especially excited to try out their new upcoming board game: Adventures in Neverland. We even had the opportunity to have the rules explained to us by the game's designer: Vicky Swers. Originally, I was hoping to be able to pick up my copy of their latest Kickstarter success: Itchy Monkey. But alas, it was not to be. However, I still had a blast visiting the Black Box Adventures booth and am already looking forward to seeing them again!

Next on my list, was a visit to the booth of a developer called Game Brewer (website in English), where I wanted to give their game, Gugong, a try. But, as fate would have it, all the tables featuring this game were occupied by a lucky few and so I started photographing another game of the Game Brewer staple, called Gentes. Not long thereafter, somebody of the crew came up to me and asked me if I was interested in their games? Well, as you can probably imagine, I was interested, so we sat down for a nice little chat, in which we received an explanation about Game Brewer and their games, including the game that was right in front of us. Gentes looks like a civilization game in with you take control of a tribe that gets more and more civilized as time goes by. The game itself is pretty fast and doesn't take, like the developers put it: "about four hours like the original Civilization!" to finish.

Our last game at the convention was Raiatea, by Dutch developer / publisher Quined Games (website in English and Dutch). Somehow, I still don't know exactly what was going on, but our host Paul (also known as Rick, for some reason) was a very funny guy. We played a few rounds of Raiatea and man, there's a lot going on during this game! You are part of a secret Polynesian religious society and will have to build statues to honor their god. Each player gets their own little house-shaped screen to keep your amount of mana and pearls and whatever you would like to keep secret away from the prying looks of other players. You will have to earn the help from the gods if you want to successfully build your deity statues.The game looks amazing and I really like the theme it had going on!

Well, dear readers, that's it for now. During the next couple of weeks, we are going to put some of the attending publishers in the spotlight on their road to Spiel in Essen, which takes place later this month. That is why we saved some of the more detailed information for later, so be sure to keep your eyes on our spotlight!

We would like to thank everybody at SpellenFestival for a great day and are already looking forward to our visit of this cool board game festival next year!

Spellenfestival website (in Dutch)
September 30, 2018
Genk, Belgium